Mississauga, Ontario Entrepreneur

Michael Luckhoo

Meet Michael

Michael has a business degree with a specialty in Aviation from Western University. Since graduating, he has focused his time on grassroots entrepreneurial endeavors, having founded 3 companies in the Food & Beverage, Health Tech, Blockchain sectors.

With 12 years of experience in the Aviation Industry ranging from Aircraft Management, Operations, Corporate and Airline pilot, Michael has a comprehensive skill set ranging from complex project management and cross-departmental collaboration. Having successfully launched Toronto’s first smart meal delivery company based on biometrics, Michael delved into blockchain to form solutions on identity, health, and information security which led him to his newfound passion for emerging technology.

Since 2017 Michael has focused his pursuits on the blockchain and decentralized technology sector. Becoming Head of Business Development in Torus Solutions, a global marketing and advisory and successfully supporting 4 major project launches standing in the top market cap projects to date.

Michael was the Vice President of DigitalBits, where he has successfully launched their branded Stablecoin initiative and connected enterprise partners to usher in this new wave of consumer interaction within blockchain.

Michael’s pursuit is to bring decentralization, and emerging technology to regions of the world that have yet to benefit from this new era, his passions will explore endeavours to support humanitarian efforts and financial freedoms in under-developed nations

In The News

Michael Luckhoo Discusses How He Remains Motivated to Pursue a Wide Range of Business Opportunities

“I enjoy interacting with other people on a daily basis. Working with a group of like-minded individuals is motivating and makes me want to come to work each day. We don’t know where this venture will lead us but we are excited for the adventure.”

IdeaMensch Interviews Canadian Entrepreneur Michael Luckhoo

“My latest endeavor, the Cirus Foundation was established to help support people across the world and unlock greater value from everything that they do. I think that data is one of the biggest digital assets that has been unknown to people.”

Michael Luckhoo Introduces the Dr. Ladi Kwali Incubation and Technology Center

“Located in Abuja, Nigeria, the Dr. Ladi Kwali Incubation and Technology Center has been instrumental in helping African scientists and entrepreneurs. The Center allows biotech companies to develop research in emerging technology and neurogenetics and several other tech-based and community-focused initiatives.”

How Do You Participate in New Financial System?

One of the most interesting applications of data in the blockchain and decentralized finance spaces is the creation of digital IDs (D-IDs). What if reliable, secure, and tamper-proof D-IDs could be created to replace the outdated and intrinsically unfair credit mappings used in traditional banking?

How Blockchain Can Help Developing Countries

“Michael Luckhoo explains how blockchain is poised to help developing countries. It can help build their financial systems, provide safe and secure transactions for their residents, and encourage economic development.”

Why Data is the New Digital Currency for the Developing World

In today’s economy, data has been referred to as the “new oil.” Websites and apps collect incredible amounts of data about each user, and this data can be monetized. Imagine a world where the individual user controls their data and how websites use it.